Kilt Shorts 


Saint Andrews Day- Saint Davids Day-Saint Patricks Day.

Australia-Day -Canada -Day-Kilt Walk-T in The park-Events-The Kilt Walk

Kilt Shorts or Kiltshorts, are a pair of Tartan design Sport Shorts,Scottish Shorts and come in various Country designs, Scottish tartan Underwear, tartan Swim Shorts, Tartan Running Shorts,Irish Kilt Shorts, Welsh Kilt Shorts,Northern Ireland Kilt Shorts, Australia Kilt Shorts and Scotland Kilt Shorts, also in the design they are Cargo Shorts, Beach Shorts T in The Park any events and even as Boxer Shorts, making them an ideal Scottish Novelty Gift, a Gift for Him and even A Gift for Her, they come as Blue Tartan Shorts, Green Tartan Shorts, Red Tartan Shorts, Welsh Gifts and Funny Scottish Gifts,These shorts are superb quality, manufacture and finish, they have been designed with great care and are finished to the highest standards, special threads have been used in their construction with long life and Sports in mind, they are stitched with an extremely strong thread that is used in the manufacture of Rugby shorts, this is only one small detail in the shorts design and manufacturing process, they have correct Pan tone Colors, 3D Print, Elastic Waist with Draw String, 2 Side Pockets and a super soft Mesh lining, 100% Polyester, 200 Gms Heavy Twill, with vivid bright emblems and logos with matching Tartan, the stitching and joining are second to none , these are a truly superb made pair of Sport, Leisure, Swim, Events pair of Shorts,  Scottish swim shorts, Tartan swim shorts, Tartan running shorts, Tartan Boxer Shorts, Tartan Fun Shorts,,, Girls Tartan Swim Shorts, Boys Tartan Swim Shorts, Lady's Tartan Swim Shorts, Men's Tartan Swim Shorts, Men's Tartan Shorts, Womans Tartan Shorts, Girls Tartan Shorts, Boys Tartan Shorts